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Thread: 1911 Two Handed Grip

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    1911 Two Handed Grip

    I recently got back into 1911's. Hadn't shot one since I was in Vietnam 40+ years ago. The problem I'm having is getting a good sight picture when shooting with a two handed grip. When I shot the 1911 in the Army, we were taught to shoot one handed and I shot "expert" with it back then. I find that I still shoot well one handed but I can't hit s&*t two handed... Anybody have any suggestions? Or is it just a matter of relearning how to shoot with two hands? I know most instructors teach two handed grips and I want to get more tactical training for CCW.

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    I noticed Tom just did a video on a proper grip. I had a friend of mine give me some suggestions on my grip and it made the world of difference in my accuracy. I'm sure even a Range Master where you go shooting may see something and be able to help.
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    The purpose of the support hand in a two-handed grip is to cut down on muzzle-flip.

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    another thing it helps is to avoid being disarmed easier, if someone is really trying that with a 1911 pointed at them lol. As for the original post, kudos to a fellow war veteran from before my desert area! Thanks for your service brother!

    Maybe you could get someone to take a digital pic of your current grip and post it so we can have a look and make suggestions from there?


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