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Thread: Storing your 1911s

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    Storing your 1911s

    When your 1911 is on you, I assume pretty much everyone carries with the hammer cocked and safety engaged. How about for 1911s not in use in your safe? Still fine to leave the hammer cocked or do you drop the hammer to release tension?

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    Bro, I would think if it's there for a home protection weapon keep it cocked and locked. If it's in there being stored, unload it and set the hammer forward. A 1911 loaded with the hammer down is just foolish as it is dangerous and must be cocked to fire as it is a SAO handgun. It's always good to remember that if it's loaded keep it ready and on safe. That is the way John Browning designed it. Peace brother. I hope I was helpful...
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    And hammer down should be a reminder that the chamber is supposedly empty.

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