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Thread: I want to make a difference.... You can help.

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    I want to make a difference.... You can help.

    Hey everyone here on Weapons gun forum, are you sick and tired of the state of our country and the world? Do you think the politicans are out of touch with reality? Are you just sick and tired of being sick and tired? I am, so I'm putting this out as my stand for liberty and the American way. I was born in Ohio and am a veteran of the US Army 72-75. I'm 60yrs old and I love my country. That makes me eligible to be POTUS. More so then the man in the white house today. I'm a middle class average citizen not a millionaire with an agenda for the elite. If you really want your country back and want to be #1 in the world with the respect we all deserve then I'm going to go out on a limb here and say to everyone that wants to stop illegal immigration, stop gun control, stop ever increasing taxation and increase our military might. Please feel free to have me as a write in candidate on the 2016 ticket. I am not affiliated with any political party and will work with everyone that follows the law of the land and upholds the constitution. We don't need politics in DC, we need men and women that want to work for you and kick start our country so we might get back on track. Please make this post go viral and support me in 2016. Let's show the Capital it's time not only proud Americans but Patriotic proud Americans can come in and get started cleaning up their mess... God Bless America. I love you all. George W. Teetzel

    Hey guys, you all know me here as Gunn'r and I've posted this on other forums as well. I have been getting a fairly positive response from elsewhere and I thought to try here. Please don't just come here and bash me as I am serious about this. I'm not part of the rich or elite. I'm just a middle class regular guy like most all Americans and we need to get back to our roots in this fine nation. I'm going to try and get me a You Tube video together and introduce myself to all the fine patriots and other citizens that are looking for a better country to live in...
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    This is a pretty ambitious endeavor but I'm sure you saw what happened in Virginia with a virtual unknown named David Brat defeating Eric Cantor. That format for campaigning by getting out and talking to people about real issues is the key. The elections in 2016 will be the most important one this country has ever seen to put us back in the "right" direction. Getting this country working again and not waiting in lines for handouts would also be on my "things to do" list, that's half the country right there.
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    Crazy idea, we could use a little out of the box thinking help, I would settle for a president that just kept his word.

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