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Thread: I had a minor partial grid down scenario...

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    I had a minor partial grid down scenario...

    It was very simple and minor. A truck crashed, cutting some lines in my area. Cable and Internet was lost throughout the county, as well as some cell service. Not a big deal. The way some People were losing their minds. One man was arrested after firing a dozen rounds from his rifle into a local Verizon Wireless from the parking lot. This was just cable, Internet, and phone for a few hours. Not even a full day. Imagine if it were everything for days or weeks.

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    Unreal bro... could have been a liberal trying to get news coverage in an anti gun broadcast. They've been known to do worse. They know no limits to get their way...
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    Un-real, I can't imagine if there truly is some kind of catastrophe what chaos our society will be in. The good citizens of this country have to get prepared
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