I special ordered a Kahr PM40 with external safety and upon it arriving to my FFL I picked it up took it home and when I arrived home I noticed the external safety was not working. To top off the disappointment the magazine catch was not functioning properly...in order to release the magazine I had to press hard the magazine catch a few times before the magazine got released. These two discrepancies were too much for me to handle so I called my FFL and was told I needed to deal directly with Kahr, which I did. Kahr sent me a FEDEX label and I shipped the PM40 to them, but thus far they have been unresponsive when I inquire when should I expect the pistol. It has been 9 days since they received the pistol and they did confirm receipt of the pistol, but again have left me wondering when will they be able to fix the discrepancies.

Has anyone else encountered problems with Kahr's service department? This has sure left me with no desires to ever purchase a Kahr again.

Has anyone else had similar problems with their PM40? I was told the PM Kahr family are the best quality, but unfortunately I can't attest to that quality.

Any recommendations as to whom should I contact at Kahr for an answer regarding when will the pistol be serviced and returned...approximate time is all I'm asking from Kahr, but they haven't been able to respond.