Admit it! We all love case prep and cleaning. I mean whats more glorious then taking a oxidized, dented too hell, questionable remnant of a case and transforming it into a piece of beauty that would fit in a nice box of $2/rd ammo
But, after this rewarding process what caliber do you find the most rewarding to reload for the sake of reloading? For me the 45-70 govt is one bad ass piece of american history. First you pick up this giant 2.5" shell that makes the coolest twang sound when it falls on a hard surface. You fill it with a charge of powder that makes you cringe because it seems more suited to a .30-06 or larger. Then you stuff on this horrendous 405 grain monster of a bullet. And after all that your shooting that little baster almost 2000fps out of a 7lb rifle generating about 55 ftlbs of recoil. Ah... As a big guy it's nice to have something that makes me feel small once in a while lol
Please share your favorite cartridge to reload and what you find the most enjoyable about it.