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Thread: Appendix carry.

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    Appendix carry.

    Ok so I've come to agree with everyone that once you start concealing a handgun holsters become an addiction. I own five and all have different reasons why I bought them but now I'm almost ready for number six. I really want to try appendix carry. I'm not skinny but not huge so its doable. I have been trying this method with a Blackhawk soft holster with my G19 and J-frame. I love carrying my J-frame but I feel as if I'm at a disadvantage with it. I know its all in my head. Regardless, I want to carry the G19 everyday all day and with the hybrid style and owb its not happening. So I'm looking at the crossbread appendix holster. I've seen copies of there design on ebay for half the price of the CB. Does anyone have any real life opinions on this? Should I drop $70 on a CB or go cheaper and get the same design to try it first? I'm a wear of many appendix holsters but there all in the same price range and I'm really sold on CB just wanting to know if anyone out there has an opinion. I wish Galco would cut down there king tuk and make an appendix holster and trust me I've thought about cutting mine down to do just that.

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    I've got a Crossbreed for my P2000 and thing it's very comfortable and sturdy. I like to carry my SP-101 also and have a N8-2 ( ) and find their holsters very comfortable also and both well made
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    Hey bro, Fact is with Crossbreed you do get what you pay for. They also have a 2 week try it free and see warranty. You can wear your holster for 2 weeks and if it doesnt work for you send it back for a complete refund. So if its not for you all it will cost is some time. Myself I've never had any problems with Crossbreed and they are all I use. Either way it sounds like a winning situation. I've heard a lot of good things about N8 squared holsters but have no 1st hand experience with them. Happy hunting.
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    Yeah I went with the crossbread appendix holster. Cant wait.

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    How'd it work out or haven't you gotten it yet?
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