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Thread: Slide lock problems

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    Slide lock problems

    OK so it seems to me that I'm the only gen4 glock 19 owner that is having this issue. When shooting the pistol the slide will not lock to the rear. What the HECK?????? Of course I shoot the famous federal 115 and Win white box for range ammo and no matter what drills I'm practicing the slide continues to stay forward. Meaning shoot a half mag and practice reloads or shooting a whole mag for accuracy its stays forward. Now with that said when I was doing ammo test with my carry rounds (hornady 147gr XTP) I did not have this issue. Is it a low grain ammo problem? Regardless if it is or not the gun should function with all type of ammo.

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    I have heard that the springs in the Gen4's are stiffer than previous glocks. With that in mind, a weaker round may not have enough energy to send the slide completely back. It could be sending it back enough to grab another round, but not all the way back. If it doesn't go all the way, it will of course not lock back after the last round. I have to believe this is what is happening to you since you didn't have the issue with the hot hornady XTP ammo. Those 115 grain cartridges you were using may not have enough power to push the slide fully back. This is not to say that all 115 grain rounds will do this to you. There are 115 grain rounds which have hotter/more powder which would probably work fine. Not always a bullet weight problem.

    Is this a new gun? If so, things may loosen up soon and allow it to run more smoothly, like a break in period. One thing to make sure of is that you have lubricated where the slide attaches to the frame. The smoother that connection is the less likely you are to have issues.

    that's an excellent gun you have there

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    Bro, you didn't say how many total rounds are thru the gun. There was (is) an issue with the new double spring recoil systems in Gen 4 Glocks. If you get 500-600 rounds thru it and you still have this problem call Glock they will fix it free of charge. They basically swap out your recoil spring for a new one that will work. I personally am not a Glock fanboy so that limits my knowledge but all my friends that shoot Glock have or know guys that have had this problem with the Gen 4. Glock is a great company and will do you right.I hope your problem goes away quickly. Enjoy and have some fun with your gun... Gunnr
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    We'll I've done a bunch of research and it seems that I may have had my thumb on the slide lock as well. I'll have to shoot some more to see about that. It is a new gun with only about 200rds through it. Breaking in period that sounds like a 1911. Hahaha, no I love 1911"s. Ok I'll make sure its lubed up and watch my thumb and see what happens in the next hundred or so rounds. OH and also it would cycle another round just not lock back so the weak ammo could be a big facture. Thanks guys for the comments!!!!

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    I do that all the time with sigs. If I carried them I would have to train around their slide lock but I have never had that problem with Glocks

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