I was checking out the membership list and noticed that there are a lot of people who have 0 Zero posts. I would like to encourage people to feel free to share their thoughts, the most knowledgeable seasoned members should welcome this also. Sharing opinions/thoughts, and asking what some might consider to be "dumb" questions is what a 'Forum' is about really...try not to bully, people who join have exercised a genuine effort to participate and they probably share our common interest of guns/shooting/and even politics.

If we all had to be 100% correct and accurate before we take action to post (imagine all the politicians that would be out of work) we might never get there...

There are a lot of fantastic ladies out there that champion the cause for gun related topics, I enjoyed the many "wins" against Piers Morgan on his program, really enjoyable and worth checking out! Guns aren't just for guys...keeping a positive sharing of info and thoughts on the Forum will encourage more people to share and take away the positive message about gun rights/ownership/safety/useful info that we all enjoy.

So post away newcomers! Super cool that we support Tom from Weapons Education as well by subscribing, he really puts a lot of effort into the videos we all enjoy, and has positioned himself (in part through support of our membership) to affect the gun world in a positive way AWESOME! Keep going Sir!👍