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Thread: Glock 20 & 29, 10 MM

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    Glock 20 & 29, 10 MM

    My Next Video will be focused on these two power house guns.

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    I'm looking forward to it. My next purchase will be a Glock 20. I wish they made a mid-size 10mm.

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    Great.. another video that will probably add another gun to my wish list. Thank goodness Christmas is around the corner.

    We can say Christmas on this site right? jk
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    Tom & Hickok45 convinced me to get the mighty G-20 Gen4 10mm, love the Underwood ammo for it.

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    Re: Glock 20 & 29, 10 MM

    My new glock 20 thanks for the videos and reviews

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    I may get a G20 one day.


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