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    Hello from GA - New Member

    Thought I would say hello. First off I really enjoy my subscription to the Weapons Education channel. I thank you for taking the time and resources to provide it. You have nice taste in guns and watches

    I am a rookie shooter in that I have only been shooting about a year. I have my concealed carry permit, have taken several training lessons and and try to hit the range a few times a month.. My goal is to do some IDPA shooting.

    My favorite gun is a 1911 (have acquired a few) the Ruger 1911 was the first. I just shoot it better than my other guns. My other shooters are a Glock 30s and a H&K USP 9mm. I also have several historically significant military guns.

    Beyond guns, I enjoy watches and motorsports.

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    Welcome to WeaponsEducation!
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    Welcome fro SC bro. Ive held but not fired the Ruger 1911 and it is a well built handgun with a reasonable price. Enjoy your time here
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    Welcome from GA dude.

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