S&W model 6944 question


So, I had a doctors appt. today, and was an hour early, but luckily there is a Cabelas down the street, sooo thought I'd go in and kill a lil time. Was looking at the used handguns and noticed an older gen2 Smith, a model 6944. I seemed to remember that this was a very limited run, i think maybe 512 total were made? It was in very nice shape, bout 95 % bluing left with Houge? finger grooved wrap around grips. The price was 299.99, so I put a c-note on it(dinna have enuff funds to get it then)and will pick it up and post pix prolly Monday. My question is this, does anyone know how collectable this pistol is?Came with 2 mags and a pistol rug....i did a quick search and saw one that sold for 725.00 on GunsAmerica i think. Ya'all think i got a good deal? I dont think i wanna flip it, seems like a nice, compact lil Double Action (only?) 9 mm. Thanks in advance for any replies....hopefully a S&W guy may have more info for me Mike