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Thread: Just picked up a 90-TWO

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    Just picked up a 90-TWO

    This is my first Beretta, and it is one sweet pistol. I love everything about it, except one thing...the grips. Not the feel. It feels fine. The look. I prefer the look of the 92FS/M9 grips. I sure wish someone made slip on grips for the 90-TWO which incorporated the panel grip looks of the FS. That would make it perfect. Not a big deal because I still love this pistol.

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    I love my 90-Two. I don't think it's manufactured any longer, though. I like the grips, kind of fits the overall look of the gun. I did replace factory grips with the "slim" grips because I don't have particularly large hands. They're only a little narrower, but now the gun is a perfect fit. Hard to find holsters for it, though. It's a heavy gun, and I prefer paddle holsters for open carry but can't find any decent ones that are made for it. Not sure how comfortable it would be in a shoulder holster, but I know Tom's store could customize one.

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    I like the look. Congrats on your purchase.
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