I purchased a few firearms and I am a novice. I have registered for firearm safety class at the local range. My suggestion for a video involves ammunition sizes and types. While looking for ammo for my 9mm another customer mentioned that the '380 auto ' is the same as 9mm. Interesting, but is that for a semi-automatic handgun or a revolver? And after looking on the store shelf for a while I noticed '38 special' ammo. What is 'ACP' after the caliber size.
There are so many different questions I have about calibers, casings, bullet types (fmj,jhp,frn). Is there a book or catalog you can recommend so I can be better informed of the types and use of ammunition? I own 22LR Target pistol, 9mm Shield, and XDM 40 ( after seeing your video ).
Thanks for sharing your insight and experience in this area. We do live in interesting times.