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    PPU Ammo

    Hi all, due to the shortage of ammo only place I could find ammo was thru I found someone in my area and bought 200 rounds of PPU 9mm. Anyone have experience with this ammo? I seen reviews on PPU rifle calibers but none on the pistol calibers. Thanks

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    have ran some PPU in 9mm last time wal-mart had any. been real clean and great running stuff. PPU is top ammo, both pistol and rifle is good stuff.

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    Ive run PPU in 40S&W and had no problems. I ran 180gr HP. Its military ammo from Serbia so you should not be dissapointed. Fires clean and the price is always good. I got lucky and bought mine for 19.99 a box of 50. I bought all they had.
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    Thanks guys for the replies.

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    gunbroker - good website ... lots of everything but their 380 ammo (even bulk) is more expensive then my local gun range...

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    I know..tell me about it. I am going to purchase a pocket 380 for my girlfriend within a couple of weeks and only place I can find 380 ammo is

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