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Thread: Best Home Defense Shotgun?

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    Question Best Home Defense Shotgun?

    I am looking to buy a shotgun for home defense, but after some research, it has come down to two shotguns... the Russian Saiga 12 or the Kel-Tec KSG. They are both very expensive, for a shotgun and the Kel-Tec is almost impossible to find. If you have experience with home defense tactics using shotguns and or experience with the listed shotguns, your suggestions will be appreciated.

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    I prefer the KSG with a rail mounted tac light and an EOtech red dot. very compact, great for clearing corners and door ways, and with two feeder tubes, I can put slugs in one, and shot in the other and choose which to use for a given situation. I wish kel-tec made it in an auto-loader, though.
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    Also consider the Mossberg 930SPX. Available, bulletproof, and easy to handle. you can get a pistol grip or a regular grip--and the safety is on top of the receiver where it should be.

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    For home defense Ive got a Mossberg 500 in 20ga. Im shooting #3 buck and its good for me. My wife and daughter can also handle this load. Low cost and effective.
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    The same as Gunnr. Easy to use and low cost.

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