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Thread: guns and ammo avalibility

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    guns and ammo avalibility

    I'm looking at adding another gun to my collection and was wondering what gun it should be. I will just be using it at the range but i want to be able to easily get ammo for it and was hoping not spend a whole lot of money. Anybody have some suggestions?

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    I'm not sure how things are in Washington but here in MN you can still find .40 caliber ammo pretty easily. Finding the gun you want might be hard also. Many of the gun shops here are pretty low on inventory or they have marked everything up. Don't settle for something, you would be better off waiting for the madness to get over and get yourself something you would really like.

    What firearms do you currently have?

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    I think all gun owners should take note of which businesses are price gouging during this time. When ammunition is again available in the future we should stay away from these businesses. We should also try our best not to buy the current overpriced ammo.

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    9mm is back at walmart, tons of it and noones buying it. At least in florida, $9 per 50

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    I check out quite a bit. They have some good prices and at times if you buy in bulk even with shipping you can save over wally world and sales tax. it never hurts to take a look first.
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