Hey guys,
I traded in my Ruger SR40 for a NIB S&W M&P40 and just got the new pistol last week. It's the full size with 4 1/2 inch barrel and 15 round magazines (I got three). It comes with three back straps that are inter-changeable, standard 3 dot sights (my fav for range guns, this will not be a carry), and a nice case.
The good: This pistol fits my hand perfectly with the medium insert and the sights are dead on out of the box. I don't get that weird trigger finger pinch when firing like I do with Glocks, even though this gun has a safe-action style trigger.
The bad: The trigger on this thing BLOWS! It's gritty and, even though I don't have a pull scale, I'm gonna guess 7-8 lbs. The reset is long but definite and audible.

Hopefully the local 'smith can hook me up with a good trigger job economically. That's one of the only things keeping this from being an epic pistol. Points naturally and recoil just feels less than the Ruger or Glocks I've shot in 40 cal.
Id say this one is a winner.3a5c2603cd4b__1361998293000.jpg