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Thread: M&P 22 Pistol Short review and a pic

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    M&P 22 Pistol Short review and a pic

    I purchased this gun from a LGS approx 2 months ago for $329. It came with 1 magazine (12 round cap). After shooting a friends M&P9, I decided to try out the smith poly pistols myself (even though this is technically a Walther with S&W name on it), and I came away very impressed. I have shot 400 CCI Mini Mags through it with only 1 jam (FTF, ammo related i believe). I really like the full size feel and the inexpensive ammo. I could shoot approx 4" groups at 15 yards with this little pistol. The gun is probably more accurate than that, But I'm not.
    As an added bonus, You NFA states can put a supressor on it using a thread adaptor. It come from factory with threaded barrel.
    If you're considering getting one, get it, you won't regret it.
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