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Thread: Civil Action Needed By All

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    Civil Action Needed By All

    Here is what I have done, of course you should all take whatever actions you feel will be most effective.

    I have blasted my elected officals with emails. When I say my officals I mean ALL of them from the President and vice President to my county sheriff, Joe Arpaio, Gov. jan Brewer, all Az Represenatives and both Senators. I have also contacted my local PD, Mayor, and City Council.

    I simple let them know where I and everyone I know (gun owners or not) stand on the issue. We all have a firm belief in the 2nd Ad and we all VOTE. I ended my letters by telling them all that I will not vote for anyone that agrees with, supports, or votes in favor of stripping me of my God given rights. Any right granted by God cannot be revoked by man.

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    I suggest you write, or print out letters, and mail them, and/or place phone calls as well. E-mail is nice and all, but it lacks the personal touch of a call or a letter, and the latter two seem to carry a bit more weight in terms of getting attention. Just a thought. I've done all three, myself. I've also shown up in person at events for pro-2A.
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    This is an interesting article I once read about the do's and don'ts when writing your representatives and having the best possible impact for your opinion / request.

    Letters to Congress

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