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Thread: Ruger SR1911 Commander

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    Ruger SR1911 Commander

    My new toy arrived today!


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    well, how's it shoot?

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    Ruger SR1911 Commander

    I have not shot it yet. It will get broke in Friday when a bunch of us from youtube meet in Pa for a get together.

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    Ruger SR1911 Commander

    Quote Originally Posted by funkymonkey1111 View Post
    well, how's it shoot?
    Shot it a lot this weekend. Shot some lead reloads, FMJ and JHP'S (factory) all 230 grain.

    Had 2 FTE's on my reloads, other than that no other malfunctions.

    It does have a weird ejection pattern. They are all over the place. Maybe it will change when I get it broke in.

    100% pleased.

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