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Thread: What is an assault weapon?

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    Post What is an assault weapon?

    I'm makeing this posting not as a joke but to prove a point. With all that's gone on in recent month's in terms of gun violence there's been talk of an assault weapons ban. But what exactly qualify's as an assault weapon? Just because a object doesn't fire bullet's doen't meean it's not an assault weapon. For example for those of us who have witnessed bar fights when someone gets arressted for useing a pool stick or bar stool to attack another person the cops charge him/her with assault with a deadly weapon. So shouldn't pool sticks and bar stools be considerd assault weapons? Or for those of you who are older and went to school back in the day when the teacher was allowed to hit you with the ruler. Rulers hurt lol so should we classify them as an assault weapon? The point I'm trying to make is even though a object doesn't use bullets to harm people doesn't mean it's not an assault weapon. I've even seen people who's face should be considerd a weapon but we haven't banned them.

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    Point well taken, those on the left consider any semi-auto firearm an "assault weapon". We, "law abiding gun owners" are going to be in for quite a fight and I hope those that are in the midst of it are ready for a long haul battle.

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    You're seriously over-reaching. Let's not go to ridiculous extremes to make a point when we have the Constitution on our side.
    An assault weapon, for the purposes of intelligent discussion, is any rapid-fire, large capacity weapon designed primarily for military use.
    Where that argument falls short for opponents of the 2nd Amendment is in that they think small caliber arms such as the Bushmaster AR-15 were designed for that purpose.
    You're not making any kind of point by introducing red herrings into the discussion.
    What you're doing is saying you don't have a better argument in favor of your right to keep and bear arms.
    More people get killed with hammers isn't a defense of the right to bear arms.
    You know what is?

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
    You know what else is? There's no proof that an assault weapons ban reduces crime. In fact, the ten year bill that just expired proved the exact opposite, even by FBI statistics.
    You know what else is? None of the weapons used in the recent shootings would have been kept out of the hands of the shooters through background checks.

    We have enough on our side without trying to argue that nearly anything can be used to assault someone. That isn't the point and it doesn't prove our case.

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    I find it amazing how many uninformed people out there think an assault rifle is an automatic rifle.
    A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

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    In the days of the American revolution a musket could have been considered an assault rifle. Thank God citizens had unrestricted access to whatever gun (musket) they wanted or we would be still bowing to the queen. Supposed the colonist had been stripped of their arms by the British??? The Founders foresaw the possible need to overthrow a tyrannical government some time in the country's future, so they gave us the 2nd amendment. It was never about hunting or target shooting. It was about the possible need for the citizens to take up arms to overthrow their government if they felt that the government had gone off the rails and no longer served the citizens or the nation. That is why the political elite of today hates the 2nd Amendment. They see it as a direct threat to their ability to control the people and run roughshod over our Constitutional rights for their own purposes. And guess what is happening in Washington? Our freedoms are slowly being eroded, our taxes being raised and the government has decided to get in bed with those that seek to destroy our way of life and allow free access to our country to anyone able to cross the border. The 2nd amendment is way more important than most people know.

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    The assault rifle was created by the German Army in WWII. It is basically a sub-machine gun. (MP40 MP42) It shoots in full automatic fire and is Magazine fed instead of belt fed. It is light and was stamped frames to be cheap and work well. It only took one man to operate it so you could have two machine guns in use with two operators instead of four. you could also carry many more rounds as the caliber was smaller and ammo weighed less. You gave up long range ability but that was about it. Then the Americans came along with the Thompson but the military seemed weary of using it until years after it was created. The M16 with select fire can be called an assault rifle being it has full auto capabilities. But it's twin brother the AR15.... No way. It's semi auto. Sorry Liberals you lose.
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    True, so true. An assault rifle is a magazine-fed selective-fire rifle that fires an "intermediate" cartridge, like the original 7.9233mm Kurz, or the 7.62x39mm, or the 5.56mm, or the newer Russian caliber. A Ruger Mini 14 and the AR15 are NOT assault rifles because they are semi-auto only.
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