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Thread: 10mm ammunition question

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    look at the double tap website. they have descriptions of all their loads in 10mm. i'd venture a guess that whatever works on people would work on coyotes, but probably not bear where you'd want the hard cast lead round for greater penetration.

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    I ended up ordering 2 boxes of 50 of the 200 grain nosler jacketed hollow points. That is what they recommended for a good versatile round for my purposes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WeaponsEducation View Post
    Double Tap 10MM is the way to go. It is all good. I did a video on DP & they check rounds by hand...They will always go Bam.
    This. Or the Hornady 10MM 165gr FTX Critical Defense round ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by prosportsforums View Post
    This. Or the Hornady 10MM 165gr FTX Critical Defense round ...
    The ballistics on the hornady ammo is now where near the Double tap or Underwood ammo for the 10mm. Would be OK just for practice but for personal defense or hunting applications the Hornady is not close besides that is exclusive to Cabela's and they are out of stock

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    Any 3rd gen SMITH&WESSON lovers outhere? image.jpg

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