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Thread: Glovk the Plates practice rack

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    Glovk the Plates practice rack

    I made a Glock the Plates Practice Rack at work, I've yet to fire at it and will have a video soonImageUploadedByTapatalk1352410178.591728.jpg

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    Glovk the Plates practice rack

    Sweet, what type of steel did you use?

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    Looks heavy duty? I hope that's an indoor range where you've got it set up at. Is that like a 6" I-beam going across?

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    Glovk the Plates practice rack

    it was a 1/4 inch steel plate that I started with. I had a plasma cutter and a mig welder that I used. I'll be taking it to my in-laws to test it. they have a lot of open land. I'll make a video and post it

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    1/4 inch plates won't hold up very long under gunfire. Unless it is hardened steel.

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