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Thread: Quality VS. Quantity

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    Quality VS. Quantity

    Just want to see what your thoughts on this is!!! Lately i have been wanting to trade in some kimbers and get some more Wilsons. There are more reasons for me wanting to do this but i wont get into that now. So what do you think?? Is having more better then having less, or is having less better then having more???

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    You should keep some shooters, including a home defense gun, carry guns, range gun, plinker, then I would go for quality over quantity. Thats my view, and my direction for what its worth.

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    Having quality is better than having quantity. You can have many guns, but if they aren't reliable there is no point in having them! Quality doesn't have to be a Sig or H&K. A Glock is a quality pistol. The more expensive a gun is, doesn't mean it is better quality necessarily!

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    I started with quantity but lately I have been trading off quantity for some better quality. Sometimes though quality is not that expensive Like Glocks, M&P's, Walther ppq none of these are very expensive

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    Quality first, I've had some inexpensive handguns in my time and it's not worth the time if they don't go bank when you want. The wife will see a gun she likes and say "that's cute" cause it has plastic pearl grips she doesn't care that it was made by Lotacrap Firearms.

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    Personally I would say having a couple nice firearms would be perfect. So i would go with a couple regular guns and then focus on a nice one like Wilson. Always nice to show of something unique to friends

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