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Thread: M&P9 Great family gun

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    M&P9 Great family gun

    I have to say that the love the m&p series. I love the ergos of the gun and it just fits my hand. Thats not really the point. The point is my wife can hold the gun and loves the feel as well. Its the first gun model we both mutually love. I just picked up the full size for me and a compact for her. I love being able to teach my wife on guns that have the same buttons, levers, and is pretty much the same gun just in a smaller package. What do you guys think of the series? I plan on using mine as my edc and hopefully in the police academy coming up.

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    I have 3 M&P's and they are great

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    I hope to come back after monday with a range report on my new ones... unfortunately the wife wants to get used to the gun before going to shoot it. I guess I happen to be the hit the ground running kind of guy.

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    Tell you what Leohopeful...I really like my M&P you said -great ergonomics...mine is a joy to shoot and I think it's dependable enough to EDC...

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    I have an M&P 9c. It is the gun I prefer to carry on a daily basis, but I am not allowed to carry at work. BTW, that really makes me mad!


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