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Thread: Cold Steel Ti-Lite 6 inch Blade with Zytel Handles

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    Cold Steel Ti-Lite 6 inch Blade with Zytel Handles

    I recently got the Cold Steel Ti-Lite 6 inch blade with Zytel handles off Midway USA on a promotional deal and didn't have to pay full price. I gotta say it is an awesome self-defense knife. The overall length with the blade out is 13 inches, handle alone is 7 inches long and the blade itself is 6 inches. The Zytel handle is nice to hold too. The blade is Aus 8. You can open the knife very easily: using the thumb stud, flicking it open without using the thumb stud, or using the catch bevel with your pants. I won't be using this knife to cut boxes or packages.

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    I EDC this same knife . Never use your self defense knife to cut anything, ever. It is for protecting your life. Want to cut something else? Swiss army knife! MiF


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