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Thread: How do you Justify a gun purchase?!

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    Why not charge the purchase? Charge cards give you some forms of redress if you have any issues after the purchase. This is especially handy since most shops have a no returns policy on firearms purchases.
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    You shouldn't have to justify your gun purchase. All you need to keep in mind is that it's your right to own one if you so choose and also it's your money your free to do with it as you like.

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    Post like that I wish we had a like button.
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    How do you Justify a gun purchase?!

    I'm trying to convince the girlfriend into letting me get a new gun. She keeps saying I don't need it and didn't fall for "but I'm getting it for you". Ill probably just go buy it any ways. It's just a little Jimenez arms ja22 her moms boyfriend has the same one and he loves it.

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    HUH! . . . . . Justify!??

    But if you need to justify then watch this . . .
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    JUSTIFY?........No need...Wife takes me to gun shop at least two times a year and insists I buy something be it guns or ammo.....

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    I see. I want. I need. I must have. I buy. I too have the sickness, addiction or what ever one wants to call the problem. However, I only pay cash or do trading to feed my firearm addiction and I encourage others to do the same. My LGS offers a two month layaway on new guns & one month on used guns.


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