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Thread: Calling all Kimber guys. Help...

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    Calling all Kimber guys. Help...

    I've been offered a trade for my MC Operator. The offer is for a Kimber Tactical Entry 2. What do you think? I've never owned or shot a Kimber. I've heard good and bad things about Kimber. Giving up Springfield's lifetime warranty for Kimber's 1 year warranty scares me a bit. Talk to me Kimber folks.

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    I would hold on to that Springfield!! I'm guessing it is a used kimber?? If that's the case i would keep the MC. If it is a new kimber then trade it, if it makes you happy!!!

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    Yeah I passed. I just can't get excited about Kimber. They look great, but a company must not have much faith in their product if they only offer a 1 year warranty.

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    Good decision buddy!

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    Yeah, I've had a Kimber Gold Combat for a while now. It's a great gun, but if I get another one, it will be a Springfield.

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    One of my Kimbers, an eclipse target II, had the meprolight adjustable sight
    shear off.
    My next 1911 will be a Sig.
    Having said that, I have been very happy with my ultra covert II.
    It swaps edc duties with my les baer stinger .45 and kobra carry LW.

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