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Thread: CSC Arms 1911!!!

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    CSC Arms 1911!!!

    I was the first to call him, i didnt ask him but im sure its under 20!!!

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    The CSC 1911's are not available for sale in California yet (I've checked the approved list on the CA state website). I've contacted Bernie about this issue and hopefully this issue will be resolved soon. Congrats to those who have purchased! I look forward to reading reviews in the near future.

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    Man, you guys are brave buying an $1800 1911 from pretty much an unknown source.

    Typically I figure a 1911 of that caliber is bought due to its build quality that's been tried and tested. I googled it for kicks and there is not one blip of info out there on it other than the manufacturer's site/video and Toms.

    Let us know how it is.

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    ^ Like i said im taking a gable and i don't think ill regret it one bit!!! Life time warranty!!! To me this is a second type of cool, do to the fact that there aren't my out there like say a Wilson!!! When i get it ill compare it to my Wilson and we will see witch comes out on top!!!

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    ...Aren't many.....

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    Talk about over delivering!! Originally Ernie had said he would try to ship the gun out on 10/25/2012, just got a call and he worked all weekend just to get it done and ready to ship 10/22/12 Got the tracking number now its just a waiting game. Look for my review of the gun under the 1911 section!!!

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    Picked up the CSC Arms 1911 today during my lunch, cant wait to get home and play with it!!! I will say this, all the guys in the gun shop wanted one and couldn't believe how smooth the slide was!!! This coming from a bunch of guys that own some sweet guns. They even invited me to go out and shoot. They must really want to shoot it!!!

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    Get pics up as soon as.

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    CSC Arms 1911!!!

    ImageUploadedByTapatalk1351131575.440880.jpgImageUploadedByTapatalk1351131632.854233.jpg. This thing is super tight, will require some brake in for sure!! Will Shoot some paper soon!!

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    looks great! can't wait for a range report

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