Maybe Tom can interview a judge or a defense lawyer that can expound on the subject more deeply. There so many different opinions floating around regarding the subject and maybe its time to educate many of us CCW/CWP holders on what really this piece of legislation mean and how does it affect us in our decision to carry and has the potential of someday maybe put on a situation where we would use this defensive weapon for saving our lives or our loved ones. It just sudden me sometimes that the media ( the anti-gun media) is flooding the society with mis-information regarding this law. And if you ask the average person on what this law is all about they would immidiately say...oh its a bad law it should be repealed. This is because there is not enough videos properly explaining it, and most videos you will find here on youtube about the subject talks about it as a bad law. So i hope Tom can jump on in and and maybe give some justice to why this law is essential components of our second amendment rights. Thanks