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Thread: How much can you reload in one day

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    How much can you reload in one day

    The most ammo i have ever produced was about 1000 rounds of .223 on a single stage press
    lets see how much you did?

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    thats a shitload for a single press in one day im just learning at it took me all day to do my first 50 .45acp's

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    Reloading can be dangerous. Its foolish to hurry.

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    Now was that starting with a uncapped case? From sizing to crimping i've done 700 10mm in 15hrs on a single stage.

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    I recently loaded 1,200 rounds of 40 S&W on my Dillon RL-550B. I quit because I ran out of cases.

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    I'm very careful and I double check my work so after about 200 - 300 rounds I'm about done. Speed= carelessness.
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    Truth be told I can unload a lot more and a lot faster then reload.... It's a lot more fun too....LOL I don't reload yet. I wanna learn and get a good setup soon though. Peace all
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    Don't try to do too much. Your quality control will suffer. Reloading without quality control can be dangerous and expensive.

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    It's quality, not quantity.
    If you need a lot of loads, go progressive.

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