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Thread: Anyone shoot IDPA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by flashback View Post
    NorCalChuck....recognize the name from I correct?
    Yeah bro. Chuck was a moderator over there.
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    Been shooting IDPA for more than 6 years . . . .
    I still have a great time and what's better than hanging out shooting with a great bunch of folks.
    Especially on those sun shiny days, under the canopy in the shade.

    I highly recommend it.
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    I do, At the only IDPA club in NH - Pioneer Sportsmens Club in Dunbarton, NH

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    Backed out of alot of shooting for awhile there as ammo was hard to find around here but things aren't so bad now. Shot the state match last summer and was the first one I attended in over a year so I was a bit "rusty". Also ran the match with my newly purchased Sig with two handicaps against me I went anyway. I sucked but had a great time..forgot how much fun it was and how great the people are.
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