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Thread: Best .45 ACP ammo to stock Pile???

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    Best .45 ACP ammo to stock Pile???

    I would like to know what you guys stock pile. As of right now i have a crap ton of PMC .45 but want to change to something ells. Great for plincking around (have had failures to fire, Primers not being fully set) but I'm looking for something that is $cheep and reliable.

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    I bought a bunch of aguilla seems to be pretty good stuff but i like to have a couple different kinds anyway Ive had nothing but good results with win white box,sellier bellot and people seem to like the rem green box stuff i found 500ps if new win brass so I may not be buying much more .45 just bullets primers and powder
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    I've had pretty good luck with Sellier & Belliot. Not to dirty and re-loadable brass if your so inclined

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    Remington UMC for me, it's on sale at a few places just now and is clean and reliable, I also get Wallyworld Winchester white box when its cheap. Both are good for the range.

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    i've been buying freedomunition blaster ammo--it's great, cheap, and functions flawlessly

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    Remington UMC... definitely

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    federal brass is the best, ive had problems with umc, tulammo, federal steel (cci), umc has underpressured rounds that dont cycle the bolt and aluminum cases are very fragile

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    I stockpile my .45ACP pin-shooting ammo - 255gr SWC @ 850fps. 1000 rounds.

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    Just for range practice/marksanship - Remington UMC

    For concealed carry/self-defense ammo, (I use a .45), I carry Hornady Critical Duty 220gr (w/polymer tip) JHP's, and I stock both as best I can. Between those two, I typically have around 1200-1500 rounds on hand....

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