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Thread: Folding blades

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    Spyderco Delica4, or Benchmade Griptilian or Mini-Griptilian are some of the best pocket knives you can buy at a reasonable price. They come in VG-10 or CM154, or CPM-S30V steel, any of which make an outstanding blade. As for self-defense, don't bother. Knives aren't meant to be a defensive weapon. Military carry them for offensive purposes, like dispatching a sentry silently. In a SD situation, you're more likely to get killed or cut with your own knife than you are to successfully defend yourself. Unless you have very extensive combat training with a blade, I would strongly suggest you not try to use one as a weapon.

    My personal EDC knives are:
    Spyderco para-military2 C81G2 (G-10/S30V)
    Spyderco Delica4 C11TID (Ti/Damascus VG-10)
    Spyderco Chaparral2 C152TI (Ti/CTS-XHP)
    Benchmade Mini-Griptilian 550HG (Valox/S30V, all black modified sheepsfoot, plain edge oxide coated, modified hollow ground edge)
    Benchmade Auto-Presidio 5000 (G-10/154CM)
    Victorinox Alox Pioneer (red textured metal scales, plain blade)

    If I was going to carry one of my knives as an actual weapon, it wouldn't be any of the above. It would most likely be my SOG combat knife (actual MAC/V-SOG, not the company, "SOG") or my John Ek TacOps IV commando knife, or my J. Russell Green River Works skinner. Those are all fixed blades that would serve the purpose more readily, but are also generally illegal to carry in most states, since all of the above are 6+ inch fixed blades.
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