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Thread: How many rounds for self defense?

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    How many rounds for self defense?

    I posted a blog article you guys might find interesting. It addresses the issue of "how many rounds do I need in a defensive pistol?" question.

    Questions and comments are always welcome.

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    Re: How many rounds for self defense?

    Good points. I've never met anybody that survived a gun fight who thought they had too much ammo.

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    15+1 is good for me.
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    Home and personal defense I would say anything over 16 is over kill (unless you fallow the 3 shot per target rule like I do two center of mass and one head shot), in a war zone you can never have enough ammo.
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    I feel it's better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it. So with that said I would think enough would be as much as you can carry concealed.
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    I think a 30 round Glock mag may be overkill, however I've heard many stories about when the adrenalin is flowing there have been as many as 90 shots fired by good and bad guys and nobody was hit! Bottom line I think a a few more rounds then what a revolver has to offer is not a bad thing

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    The more the better, really. It's just a matter of balancing weight/bulk against concealment and comfort. Carry what you're comfortable with wearing daily, every time, all the time. If it's bulky or heavy, and you only wear your gun occasionally as a result, then you have a problem. You need a gun that will inspire you to carry it at all times, if you want the best probability of surviving an encounter where you'd need it.

    I carry a 9mm for EDC with either a 15 round, or extended 17 round magazine. If I have spare mags, too, I carry two more 15 round mags, all with 147 grain Speer gold dots, all fully loaded.

    When I worked armed security and exec protection full time, I typically carried a Sig P226 with a 20 round mag, and two more 15 round mags at a minimum. Now for work, I use at least a 9mm handgun with a 15 round mag, two to four spares, and a DPMS Kitty Kat 7" AR with 4 spare 32 round mags. That's sufficient for anything from a lone shooter, to multiple drive-by shootings, where the ned for barrier penetration and multiple shot placement on multiple targets may be required.

    It really depends on what you need, where you plan to go, what you plan to wear, and so forth. Take the right tools for the situation.
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    Just enough to stop a threat +1 just in case...LOL
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    I think what ever gun you feel most comfortable carrying and shoot the best, is how many rounds you should have. Doesn't matter how many you have if you cant hit what your shooting at! I try to carry an extra mag with me, but it all depends on what pants I am wearing. Sometimes I carry it in my change pocket or what ever its called on a pair of jeans.

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