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Thread: New Steyr AUG's

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    New Steyr AUG's

    As you all know, the new Steyr AUG's are shipping.

    Sabre Defence was making AUG's for the US market at one time, but went belly up due to some legal problems. Sabre's assets were sold to Manroy USA which is another small arms manufacturer. The sale was presumably for just under $5m.

    Steyr comes back into the picture by re-introducing the AUG to the US market this month. I'm not sure what the relationship is between Steyr and Manroy, but the new Steyr rifles still wear "Sabre Defence" markings on the receiver.

    Here's a picture of my new NATO AUG:

    I'm sure as stocks of old Sabre receivers are sold the new rifles will no longer have Sabre Defence markings. It stands to reason that Steyr is now in possession of Sabre's old manufacturing tooling.

    I also wanted to clear something up that's been circulating the internet since the new A3 AUG's have been listed on the Steyr website.

    Steyr lists the caliber simply as ".223" on their website. Here's a picture.

    The markings on my new NATO AUG show that the rifle is in fact a 5.56mm rifle. Here are the markings found on my rifles barrel. The old Sabre Defence rifles were only marked .223 on their barrels.

    Here's the rifle I received this week:

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    I love the AUG Im also wondering how much
    The second the sh*t hits the fan...

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    New Steyr AUG's

    The rifles are between $1700 and $1800 right now but the price is expected to jump shortly.

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    ok I know this is an old thread but someone asked me if the A3 SA was compatible to AT parts like the 1.5x Swarovski scope. I like the A1 and was kinda wondering if I bought that scope I can outfit it on the A3 SA
    The second the sh*t hits the fan...


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