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Thread: Gun Training in Oregon

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    Gun Training in Oregon

    Just booked a session with these guys, they only have a sim trainer right now, but from what I've heard, they are constructing a live fire range. Good tactical training here.

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    Looks great. I advocate training with multiple groups/locations to get different perspectives on it as often as you can afford to do so, and spend the rest of the time practicing what you've learned, till it's second nature. You only get good at something by understanding it, then doing it over and over again.
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    I am taking a concealed carry class (Utah and Oregon) at Beavercreek Armory. I have heard good things about them. They have an indoor range and are in the Portland area.

    Just added the $100 Range card at Tactical Dynamics to my wish list. This seems like great fun for the kids and I. 180 ranges to choose from? Awesome.
    Hard to find a range here (PDX area) that allows IDPA type shooting. If you know of one, let me know.
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    Gun Training in Oregon

    I participated in the FASTER program for training teachers to carry firearms in a school. Too many things learned to have just one nugget.


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