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Thread: Concealment Preference

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    N82 most comfortable IWB holster (and great people to deal with too!)...kingoftow

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    Has anyone tried the Swap Rig? they have 3 or 4 different styles and the kidex portion that is molded to your gun swaps out to any other hand gun you have. So any time you buy a new pistol all you have to do is order the swap skin for under 20 bucks. I've got three skins and love or I sould say LOVE it that the holster stays the same. It's already broke in to the shape you want because it's the one you always wear. Takes me maybe two minutes to swap skins, if I want to carry my small 380 or if I want my 40 or any cal. I bet they got it. If you contact them tell them Olin told ya about them. Check it out!!!

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    n82 tactical as of the best!

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    Quote Originally Posted by m1ghtysauc3 View Post
    I've carried IWB for a long time, but now I carry my Sig P229 in a shoulder rig from Deep Concealment. I know it's a slower draw, but it's more comfortable for me so I tend to carry it more.

    Used to carry IWB all the time, but it aggravates my hip sometimes. So now days I often carry in a Bianchi x16 leather shoulder holster.


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    I pocket carry my SD9, any other suggestions for a better carry method? My wardrobe 99% of the time is jeans & t-shirt or jean shorts & t-shirt.

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    My EDC is a Sig 229 Equinox 40S&W in Galco Miami Classic II shoulder rig. I have a raven concealment aiwb and a crossbreed owb for the 3LB nutcracker and because I suffer from Dunlop disease I find them unbearably uncomfortable. So much so that I now offer them for sale. The Raven can be had for $80.00 delivered and the crossbreed for $40.00 delivered. Shoulder carry rocks. The scenarios that run through my mind most frequently of actually needing to draw my weapon don't involve direct confrontation, but sitting in a restaurant or movie theater, so speed of draw is not my first concern. I hear shots, I drop for cover, draw my weapon (a much more powerful weapon and much more ammo than I used to carry (LCP in pocket holster)), and end the perps career. I carry everyday because I want the option. I don't want to be a "sheep", sitting in a theater when Batman rises and have nothing to throwback but milkduds and maltballs.

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    I usually carry my .357 Ruger SP 101 (2").

    I had a guy in Texas make me a really decent Cross Draw Holster for it.
    It is so comfortable I can even forget I am carrying.

    What I like about it is the fact I can jump into my vehicle and strap on the seat belt and have NO discomfort what so ever.
    I can carry my Kimber 4" Raptor Pro on the 5 O'clock (IWB) but, it can dig at my side just enough to bug me.

    I also have a cheapo Mike's IWB holster that I only use as a Pocket Holster for my Ruger .357 LCR.
    It works great for that. It is a horrible IWB holster but as a pocket one it works great.
    I usually use that in my Cargo Short's side cargo pockets. (Summertime of course)
    It hides quite well like that and when I draw out the LCR the holster stays put in the pocket.

    Now I am strongly looking to get one of the Spiffy Shoulder Rigs from Tom's company for my Kimber.
    He suggested the Bikini one. I trust his judgement since he is very well versed on Kimber's.
    In fact Tom was the final reason I ended up purchasing the Kimber Raptor Pro.

    Side Note: I am truly grateful that I purchased ammo in the last two years every other paycheck.
    When I go to the range I have more then enough ammo now to use.
    Hell, I have way more .44 magnum ammo then I think I will ever use in my life time...haha!
    (Sorry if that was a tad off topic....)

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1911GunSlinger View Post
    What carry option do you prefer? IWB, OWB, Open carry ex...... I have always carried in the waist band even on winter months. I have grown to like the Cross Breed IWB, ugly but man does it help carry the gun well!!!

    I have two typical carry guns:

    1: Walther PPQ in a Foxx hybrid holster or front center beltline with a TC (trigger cover) holster
    2. Beretta Nano with Centerfire laser in a "Lil Fox" Foxx AIWB holster @ 12 O'clock
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