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Thread: Concealment Preference

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    Concealment Preference

    What carry option do you prefer? IWB, OWB, Open carry ex...... I have always carried in the waist band even on winter months. I have grown to like the Cross Breed IWB, ugly but man does it help carry the gun well!!!

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    Senior Member norahc's Avatar
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    IWB with a Crossebreed Supertuck and a Crossbreed QuickClip

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    either 5 o'clock, or appendix carry, IWB, tuckable holster made of kydex, custom molded to my gun and laser, with an adjustable pivot angle belt clip, so I can set the cant of the holster for the position I choose to carry in.
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    Hidden Hybrid Holster at about 4 to 5 o'clock. I never have been big on pocket carry. I keep to much stuff in my pockets to be able to put a gun in there !

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    I prefer remora holsters,Just my opinion

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    IWB with a Crossbreed Supertuck can't be be beat IMO.

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    The Supertuck's my AMEX, a really good and comfortable IWB

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    For me Crossbreed is the only way to go. I love the supertuck and the instructor belt with the weave pattern rocks. It looks good even when dressed up and there is no buckle that can be seen. They cost a few bucks but with Crossbreed you really do get what you pay for.
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    Gotta check out n82tactical. 27 all day long with no issues!

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    I've carried IWB for a long time, but now I carry my Sig P229 in a shoulder rig from Deep Concealment. I know it's a slower draw, but it's more comfortable for me so I tend to carry it more.

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