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    E Series 1911

    On the two tone E Series that Tom posted a video on, anyone know if there still is an issue with the thumb safety scratching the finish? I am curious if Tom had an issue with his or anyone else out there. I was interested in getting one.

    Thanks, Tom

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    No , it does not scratch.

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    Awesome thank you! I appreciate it. Great video you had on this.

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    In my opinion, Those E class 1911s are some of the prettiest pistols out there. I would describe them as "dangerous works of art" LOL
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    I've had my 1911 E series for over a year although, its all black , blue whatever. It's fine to finish is very tough it's a beauty. all I can say is I'm in love.

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    Tom's video has me considering making the E series my next 1911 purchase. I was going to by a Kimber but damn that's a nice 1911.
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