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Thread: Sig Sauer P938

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    Sig Sauer P938

    Thinking of getting a P938. Does anyone have one and what do you think?

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    I have the 238 and just got the 938. The 238 is business and pleasure with the drawback of being a 380 and also the cost of 380 ammo. The 938 is all business. I like it but it takes full consintration to shoot it accurately so it will take lots of practice at the range to get really good at shooting it. Mine has 155 rounds through it with no problems.

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    Nice to hear that someone is not having any problems with their 938. I heard there was some FF and FE issues, hope Sig rectified them because it is an attractive little gun. Would like to maybe try one out some day.
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    I'd wait there is definatelty some quality control issues going on with this gun.

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    Put another 100 rounds of 124 gr ammo and 5 hollow point 115gr carry ammo and had no problems.

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    I am looking forward to Shot Show 2013 to see what SIG has up there sleeve!

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    Me too Tom! Im always looking forward to what they are going to come up with next! I wonder if they are going to come out with something to compete with the shield or XDS? Other than the P938 of course!
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