Hello you all
My name is Clayton and I enjoy sport shooting and shooting Comp with our gun club here.
I have 3 pistols and a DPMS AP-4 .223/5.56 The pistols are Taurus 740 slim (my carry gun) my
Taurus Pt 92 9mm Para and I can't for get my G-23 (G=Glock for those who do not know)
and my bby of them all My custom hand built (by me) WW l replica 1911.
At a later date (I am going to atempt if the $ is there) I plan on adding a
Springfield XD(m) 3.8 and a Chiappa Rihno Wheel Gun,a 44 mag lever sadle gun and a 30.06
Bolt action hunting riflle. (Savage)... Right now I hunt with My AP-4 M4 style AR.
All my hand guns are .40 S/W EXCEPT the Taurus Pt 99 and my 1911 .45ACP
Thanks Goes out to Richard for this forum.
Thank you
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