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Thread: Hello from WV

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    Hello from WV

    Hello all, my name is Chad (Chad123golf - YouTube) and I am from West Virginia. First of all, I would like to thank Tom from Weapons Education for his hard work on his channel, this forum and his loyal dedication to the gun community in general if greatly appreciated.
    I enjoy family, friends and the outdoors. I am an avid deer hunter in my home state and neighboring Ohio. I do not really collect guns, I have several guns but all have a purpose. I recently finished building my 5th AR15 from parts and I also completed my Saiga 12 trigger conversion. My most favorite gun would probably be my LST Gaboon 45 ACP. Below I will post a few pics of a few of my toys/hobbies:

    Results from my Saiga 12 conversion:

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    My newest AR platform build:

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    Another pair of AR builds:

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    My custom LST Gaboon 45 ACP:

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    My custom Limited Edition Kimber Pro Cary SLE
    Custom work by the late Joe Bonar of Novaks and his son Dustin of LST

    My Saskatchewan Canada Black Bear harvest and final mount:

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    A couple of my Bear rugs from Saskatchewan Canada:

    My 170" Ohio Buck harvest from 2005:


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