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Thread: CCW At The Office?

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    CCW At The Office?

    I've thoroughly enjoyed some of the weaponseducation videos I recently happened upon. I'm grateful to have found a channel that provides valuable content instead of the common junk that's on the internet. Given that, I'm hoping someone here has had some experience with CCW at the office.

    Anyone carry at the office? If so, had any trouble? Has your office tried launching a weapons prohibition policy? If so, what was your experience.

    Does your organization have on-site daycare? Anyone aware of laws regarding that? I'm all about carrying anywhere I reasonably can, but I want to ensure that I never break the law in the process. Here in Utah I understand that even if there is a weapons prohibition policy you can still maintain a firearm in your vehicle...but I think the daycare/preschool might impact the situation.

    I welcome any experiences or informed opinions. I look forward to some interesting and educational discussions on this forum.

    Take care!

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    The ability to carry, open or concealed, in your place of work, the laws regarding private and public facilities being able to legally bar you from carrying, and the laws regarding daycare and school properties all vary widely from state to state, and you should check your state and local laws personally to be sure.

    In SC, posting a "no concealed weapons" sign outside of your business holds legal weight. Daycare and schools are off limits for CWP, but you can indeed keep a handgun stored in a vehicle, provided you follow the state guidelines for doing so, at your place of work. Anyway, the laws are different for every state..

    I do plan to get my Utah CWP, though, as it's a common one to have in combination with my SC license, to extend the reciprocity to more states outside of my own.
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    The company I work for has a no weapons policy that includes having one in your vehicle on company property. But AZ law does not allow them to override the state law on weapons in your personal vehicle, so I can leave mine in the car while at work.
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    The company I work for actively encourages CCW or even open carry.

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    I carry 99% of the time, and go into large office complexes and buildings, signing in regularly to get past the security, never have a problem. Check out thetacdaddy on youtube for a few more detailed EDC vids, I show several attire types here in South Florida. Tom also has a great EDC vid that features a shoulder holster if my memory serves me correctly....


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