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Thread: My friend just shot his Kimber this weekend

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    My friend just shot his Kimber this weekend

    He has 5 KimPro Tac mags. He just past the 650 round mark... he has 350 rounds of the blazer aluminum left and 150 rounds of Lawman he wants to put through it before he chooses to have his gun worked on.

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    I had Kimber Tactical Pro and with my tactical magazine that came with the gun I never had a problem. With the other kimber magazine I bought I had problems with the last round in the magazine on a regular basis. I switched it out for another kim pro tac mag and never had another problem

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    A "few" (2) out of the first 300 is normal out of a Kimber. It has very tight tolerances. Keep shooting it. I think it will be fine. I use Wilson Combat mags in all my 1911's

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