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Thread: The US IWI Tavor

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    Quote Originally Posted by norahc View Post
    My point was that while the Tavor may be a good rifle, it is not the end all, be all rifle. It does have it's advantages (urban/CQB combat comes to mind), but it also has it's drawbacks and limitations. Mag changes require the user to learn new muscle memory to do it rapidly and efficiently. Lack of caliber choices and ease of change for the existing ones. And we haven't even discussed the inherent limitation and feel of the long trigger linkage assembly found in a bullpup design. You also lose the ability for under-barrel accessories such as a the 37mm grenade launcher (for civilians), or the 40mm for the military types. Also, some of us are old fashioned enough to still want the ability to add/use a bayonet on our rifle.

    The Tavor gives up a lot in terms of versatility when compared to the AR platform.
    I cant argue that there is certin quirks some people don't like. Trigger pull is HEAVY and fairly long, but the rifle isn't desighned for precision shooting. I can tell you hitting a man size target at 350 yards standing is quite easy to do with this rifle. For combat using a 5.56 what else do you need? I was merely arguing the point that as a fighting rifle it's hard to beat. And the usual complaints about the rifle isn't a problem with the rifle, its lack of training on it. I can tell you once you get the hang of it, mag changes are a tad faster with how the bolt release is located. When it comes to caliber versatility the AR has it beat. But lets face it, if somebody is kicking down your door, you wont be picking the right upper for the situation.
    Please don't take this as bashing the AR platform, I don't dislike the rifle. I just like the Tavor better. And yes, they do have grenade launchers for the Tavor And here is one with a bayo
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    Quote Originally Posted by Braun View Post
    And yes, they do have grenade launchers for the Tavor And here is one with a bayo
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