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    Folks, as you may know, gun shooting requires somethings like riflescope with good quality and durablilty. I have never heard of Meopta rifle Scope not until I and my buddy decided to visit one of our dudes in TX, there and behold was my first time I set my eyes on this particular riflescope. Then I had to read more about it and truly speaking, I was amazed. Though thinking of buying it so I can be switching it with my Leatherwood 4-16X44mm - also a good scope. I ordered Meopta 541800 meopro 3-1 OX 44mm. Has anybody used this particular scope or any scope from this manufacturer? Your ideas will be a great asset. Thank you guys

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    4x Rimfire Scope

    I picked up a really beautiful Bushnell Scopechief 4x rimfire scope this year at a yard sale for 20 bucks because it was missing the integral mounting clamps.I found the parts i needed on amazon for around 20 bucks shipped.It was a win win for me.


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