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Thread: Holster for 629

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    Holster for 629

    Would love a holster recommendation for a 629 / 2.62" barrel. Obviously winter carry and I am thinking OWB cross carry for that one. Thank you in advance.

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    I found the ideal holster for my 629 5" and after much looking I got the Bianchi 5BHL holster for the N-frame S&W. Fantastic fit, quality leather, and even lined to cut down on holster wear on the finish of your gun. It also has a slight forward cant which makes the gun easier to carry and draw. I thought I would have to settle for some fit-all holster for the more popular 6"+ revolvers but the Bianchi 5BHL really is the holster for this gun. Not sure if I am allowed to say where I purchased it on this forum. Would show a pic but not that computer savvy.

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    Hi there. I love my model 29s, and was on the hunt for a holster myself. If you want something really easy to customize with all the extras than try They're very affordable for their service, and can do whatever you need to your holster, including extra cartridge loops and even a holster for speed loaders. High quality stuff, and they do more than most for a much better price.

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