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Thread: My very first personally owned 1911

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    My very first personally owned 1911


    Did just a few changes to this Kimber Custom II SS:
    1. Added a Wilson Combat magwell/mainspring housing
    2. Changed a few SS parts to blued for personal aesthetic purposes
    3. Changed firing pin and spring to titanium and heavy
    4. Changed the grips - still have all of my original parts, but can't recall without going to look what the originals were. These I think are rosewood

    Use Kim-Pro Tac Mags (9rd), and of course, cocked and locked.

    Can't find a pic of my Kimber Tactical II Custom, but will try to handle that soon. Hell, you can see it on the site if you wanna look, I've made no changes yet with the exception of firing pin and spring.

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    I had a Kimber in SS and traded it for something I don't even remember anymore. It made me shoot so much better and now after about 10 years I still regret loosing it
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    it's nice bro
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    That's a nice gun


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